Jalapeño Coleslaw

Ready for something spicy?

Want to try something a little different, more bold, and daring?

What about a hot take on a cool favorite?

This little bowl of fresh, kick-starting coleslaw might be just the ticket!

The interesting variant on this number is the nuance of flavor added by coriander.
As most folks delight in knowing, coriander is the name commonly used for the fruit (or seeds) of the green-stemmed cilantro, as termed in North America, and it can be delicious in dishes that originate clear across the globe!

The seeds, or fruit, have a more citrus flavor, while naturally the green stems are more herbaceous and can be quite potent in aroma and flavor. Coriander as a ground spice is very often combined with cumin in Indian spices, and acts as a thickener. The two spices compliment one another, as coriander is more aromatic and resinous, and cumin has a tendency to punch a person in the nose if one's sight isn't straight! Together they make a very pleasantly surprising duo. Both spices also excel heated just a touch before/after grinding to raise the aromatic level. There may be different schools of thought on the technique, however.

Its okay to turn the dial down if the heat is a bit too much!
But I hope each and everyone enjoys my take on the whole idea:

Jalepeno Coleslaw  

1 small fresh red cabbage, shredded - 16-18 oz (at least 1 lb)

4-6 fl. oz (1/2-3/4 cup) low-fat mayo* (or horseradish sauce - even hotter!)

2 TBSp White vinegar

2 tbsp chopped jalapeno slices, pickled 
(or 1-2 fresh lil' jalapenos, chopped)

4 oz. white onion, chopped fine

1tsp minced garlic

2 tbsp coriander chutney (from your local asian, indian, or ethnic store)

2 tsp coriander-cumin spice, finely ground powder

1tsp garlic powder

Salt and black pepper to taste
(Note: I like to make my own mayo with olive oil, but whatever floats your boat...)

Goes great with: smoked meats, smoked or roasted chicken, braised ribs, (especially bbq or teriyaki), pulled bbq pork or chicken, or asian-style meats

Happy hotness this winter!

from deelish!


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