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Gratitude and Blessings

Kisses Food Family!

*Book Excerpt*
  Don't assume.
 That's what life is telling me lately.

 "My father's grandfather was Irish.
Very Irish. A very large, jolly Irishman with pale, ruddy skin and very red hair, kept in a low buzz cut. I can only assume this was an attempt to be unobtrusive, but likely in vain considering his neighbors and family were so markedly different. Then again, maybe he just liked it that way. I won't assume!

 Well, then. Now, I'm not obligated to explain every nook and cranny of my family tree, or divulge every apple that shakes off a branch. I've said before that my family is very diverse, and meant it. But love is in our genes, a deep love, going very far back - as I am learning. His wife, my father's grandmother, was a dark-skinned woman with very jet black, straight hair she could sit on. She was something else, herself.

For now we'll talk about how I knew of great-grandpa, name of Malloy. I learned about him through l…

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