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Hurricane Relief - What and Where to Donate

Hi Folks, As many of us are weathering out the storm here, there are a couple of things beyond normal storm prep to consider. Excessive damp or moisture, combined with more prolonged rains and flooding will create some very unhealthy conditions for large populations. Add to that exposures to contaminants or pollutants and you have alot of people unhealthy for an extended period of time. Hopefully this will not lead to permanent health damage, but with toxic water, added toxic chemicals and other waste, the prognosis can be profoundly affecting for some time.  Here are a few things to keep in mind for those in positions of feeding emergency crews and affected towns.  Mold/organism exposure: Organisms like mold and yeast are toxic companions to flooding, and they can proliferate enough to become systemic invaders to the body. Even in areas where flooding did not occur, there will be excess molds, fungus, and protozoan activity (I know, it sounds like a situation for Ghost

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