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Honeysuckle Days

I was walking along this sunny afternoon, my mind consumed with so many details.
I don't even remember all of the things I was mulling over. I remember how utterly exhausted I was.
I remember being stressed over things that need to get done, and over things I didn't understand.

Suddenly, I passed a thicket of honeysuckle with fragrance so strong, it stopped me where I stood. I turned to look. It branched out everywhere. Its blooms golden and white, nectarous and profusive. It spilled over the walkway, over other plants, arching across and above farther than one could hope to reach.

It was completely arresting. Everything I'd been stressing about melted away in that moment, transporting me back in time to a childhood memory so deep, I'd forgotten it was there.

It was the first really warm weekend of the season. It was invigorating and exhilarating. Mom wouldn't let us wear shorts unless it was due to be a full 80 degrees out, lest we come home with the sniffles fro…

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