A tear-stained letter

Dear Society,

What have you done now? Are you really taking care of the little boys growing up to be confused men?
What happened to them? Did you ever really love them? Did they learn what love does, how love acts, how far love goes to show how much it cares? What did you teach them?

Did they learn manipulation? Coldness? Detachment? Did they learn that the only way to solve problems is through force? Contrivance? Did you tell them that violence is alright? Did you glamorize it, glorify it, and coat it in Fool's Gold? Did you teach them that life is only about getting what one wants? Do they know how to handle disappointment? Are they really survivors? I have my doubts.

Did you really weigh the implications of this "education"? Were their families, friends, or communities considered? Did they even come into the equation when you thoughtlessly, dangerously, recklessly influenced their thinking?

Did you nurture them? Discipline them? Watch over them? Did you even care? Were you consistent?

Were they passed around from pillar to post? Kicked around like a old worn-out tire? Discouraged? Humiliated? Abused? Were they spoiled, coddled, or lost in a miasma of conflict? Were they taught at all? Or did they have to figure it all out by themselves? Did the media raise them? Video games? They do know life doesn't have a "game over, start again" button, right? Don't take the easy way out. Do you have any real answers?

Since their families and loved ones are so confused, and asking the same questions, perhaps you could lend a hand and help out. Do you have any idea?

Or are you clueless?
Have you any earthly notion why the children in your midst can become murderers and take their own lives?
Can you tell me? Where is the love? What happened to the gentleness, the concern, the practical reality of a life well-lived, well-loved, and full of giving? Who taught these kids to care about others? Did anyone?
Who was there?

Did these little boys you were raising have any faint notion of God, a Higher Power, Love, creation, beauty?
Do they have any idea what real Power does, how it behaves? What it is capable of?
It is your turn to talk now....
I am listening.


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