The Heart Floats

soft liquid tendrils riding on my breath,
images come at twists and turns,
some bold and disconcerting,
others that either simper or burn.

there is a place that scares us,
that visits from time to time.
it happened beyond our ability,
and hence no space or line.

...and yet this unwelcome thing
is our way of letting go,
for through this path, this suffering shock
the rest is yet to grow

and therefore my fellow 'livers'
whether it calls ahead or not,
we may only have this chance
we may only have one shot

this life is our own; uniquely so
we each have our own personal best
so it may only be through this fiery gate
that we may reach the rest

there I drift and think in the warm, humid air
and weightless, my body inadvertently shifts
unwelcome is the reminder
of the shock where it was hit

and slowly, but with purpose
i turn the opposite way
for that is the only method
to correct this unnatural sway

Now I see the picture clearly
it is coming back to me,
because with that one, soft movement
something changed drastically.

You see, the heart floats.
Say what you like.
Do or don't do at will.
This part of me remains a part still.

It saves me, it bathes me in love and gentle care.
For it is mine and always will be.
Not matter what happens,
or where...

And it floats.


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