Chatham Hill Winery Food Truck Rodeo

Well what a nice evening!

Having been invited to numerous Snob-Free Wine meetups for months now, I was finally able to get by for the Chatham Hill Winery food truck rodeo. This was a great chance to get an up close and personal view. Our Wine Appreciation class got by there earlier and saw the innerworkings of wine-making, so this was a very opportune event and I enjoyed myself.

It was nice to meet oodles of new people. It can be a challenge to meet new folks, but nevertheless it is worth it. I've found that it helps tremendously when one isn't afraid to look or sound silly. :)

I got there early to get the lowdown, or a leg up, (whichever direction means first chance to score more info). I had a great time chatting with the food truck peeps! On hand Friday were Sarge's Chef, Hibachi Express (not pictured), The Humble Pig, and MaMa Dukes. All were putting out some delectable eats Friday night!

I had a nice chat with Jess and family, the operators of the Humble Pig food truck. They are supporters of the NC 10% Campaign. They also use the free range, sustainable meats from Mae Farms, a small family run farm in Louisburg, NC. Mae Farms are everyday vendors at the NC State Farmers Market, and the farm produces beef, pork, laying hens, and more.

My first sampling of wine for the evening was the Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve. It was fruity with a note of homestyle spice, and had a nice acid. Normally I go for the more tannic Cabernets, but this was a good change of pace. So I chose The Humble Pig's beef brisket taco and sweet potato fries, which went perfectly for my taste. The food was scrumptious. A few of my wine sampling neighbors mulling about were slightly envious after plunking down change for more anemic-looking provender.

Sarge's Chef has Shrimp Po Boys, Cheesesteak sandwiches, and the ever lovin' Shrimp and Grits. Allow me to insert a word here please: YUM! The Shrimp and Grits were the best I have ever had, and not like any I have ever tasted. It wasn't the run-of-the-mill dish you see people constantly emulating. The flavor was almost sweet-and-sour piquant, and of course a little bacon never hurts! The grits are so creamy, you almost forget they are grits. Really wonderful.

After a taste of this, I headed back in to see what the winery was sampling that might set this off. I chose the 2009 Viognier, and the folks at the counter were pleased at my selection with the seafood, so I know I was up to something. I was, or they were, or it was... delicious. The Viognier was citrusy, and had some mineral on the palate, which was crisp and clean enough to cut through the spicy ultra-creaminess of those lovely grits, and clear the slate for the next welcome mouthful of deliciousness. This was a good contrasting choice. (Thank you Wine class:)

I just had to try the falafel tots from Mama Dukes! Someone passed me with a steaming and beautiful plate of their Curry over Basmati Rice, and I simply could not eat anything heavier, but the falafel tots were pretty good with the yogurt-dill sauce and Sriracha. Of course I am partial to Sriracha in its various manifestations, so take this with a grain of salt, I dare you! I also love falafel, or chick pea creations, such as hummus, in general. Chick peas, or garbanzo beans, have alot of body and weight to them. Although the consistency was not the chick pea "starchy" I prefer, I think this was a great idea. I am looking forward to trying more things from them.

I got a dish of Hibachi Express chicken with broccolli, mushrooms, and fried rice to take home. This came with a mayo-based sauce if you like, and 'I like'. I did however sample the spring rolls before leaving, and those crispy little babies didn't make it home with the "Mothership". Sorry! They were excellent. The dish itself was everything one expects of quick, efficient, and quintessential Japanese take-out dishes.

To round out the evening, I took home a slice of Sarge's Chef cheesecake, and not wanting to leave the winery empty-handed, a bottle of their Sweet Carolina Peach wine to try at home later this weekend. I normally don't go in for a sweet wine, but there are different wines for different reasons, and my horizons are broadening. It was perfect with the cheesecake!

Whoo! That was fun!
I mean, it was a very nice evening at the Chataham Hill Winery Food Truck Rodeo.
Thanks to the folks at the Winery for giving such great service!

Happy Local Eating!
from Deelish!


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