Sustain-a-Bull Shopping

So this week, during the frenetic holiday shopping that many are seized with, Sustain-a-Bull is back!
Cool to see some of my favorite businesses participating. I don't eat out as much as I used to between culinary school, work, and new forays into gluten-free eating of late. But my last Sustain-a-Bull experience absolutely rocked!

Check out this Sunday brunch sustenance from Watts Grocery during lazier times...(sigh!)

My mom was treating me at the time to celebrate my new job. We took our Durham Herald-Sun and sat back for a Sunday mother/daughter meal. She took the headlines and I took the funnies...a habit I don't intend to break.

The pancakes were utterly fluffy. If they'd made them any larger, I would have used one for a pillow. Of course this was earlier in the year, the berries were soft, flavorful, and fresh from a farm.

So good! The bacon was crisp, and the sausage was so delicious, my mom wanted to find out if they or someone else sold it retail. I gave them a call, and they make it in-house, but we 'were welcome to come anytime and get some!' (Smile) Take them up on it sometime this week. You'll find it refreshing...
Happy Sustain-a-Bull Local Shopping

from Deelish!


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