New Culinary Project Under Way

Hi There Folks!

It is the time of year when we start thinking of family, yes?

I am thinking along fresh lines this season due to my lovely package from Grandmom.
It was nothing like I expected.
However it has changed my life, and hopefully in some small way it will enrich those of others.

What I am willing to say at this point, is don't expect a huge tome of my grandmother's recipes to be printed in the immediate future. No sirree! My Grandmother was a versatile cook, and professionally she catered to her client's tastes. (One of her employers was the then Chancellor of a local university.) Her cooking - like mine - was a melange of gourmet, Southern, Soul Food, and ethnic.

I have no aspirations to be the grand maven of Soul Food, Southern Cooking, or even 'Locavore' cooking. We have some wonderful authorities on those subjects already. Also, I am very much in love with the fusion of Southern and ethnic food. It is high time to see infusions of more color and vivacious life breathed into the lovely traditions and rich history that is Southern cuisine. But, as much as I appreciate it and applaud it, the project I am working on is of a different sort. I think this will be something locavores will appreciate, though....

In the meantime, as I take time to work on this first effort, may everyone enjoy their time with family, friends and food this season - and for many more to come!
from Deelish!


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