Turning the Page

Change can be unsettling.

We human beings are time-tested creatures of habit. Therefore, it is not always easy to embrace things we are not familar with. There is a fear of the unknown. This unavoidable "X" factor has a tendency to drive us to distraction and cause all manner of stress. Unfortunately, it can close down the mind and inhibit vital decisions when left unchecked. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm no psychoanalyst.

However, in the short time I've been blessed with life so far, I've done a fair share of observing behavior.
That said, it doesn't take a PhD to discern that one of the most stressful triggers in our lives is usually some form of momentous change: births, marriages, moves, job transition, deaths.

Lately I've been in job transition, and I won't muck about: it is stressful. Yet. It is not the end of the world. It is the beginning. Over the weekend, I took some time to reflect - now that I'm a year older - and  I learned a few things from Nature.

I spent most of the day yesterday at a nearby lake . It was hot - yes - but beautiful. There was quite a bit of waterfowl, and a walking neighbor up ahead spotted the egret first. It was elegant.
Spindly legs and graceful, slow movements - there was even something stately about the way it plumed its feathers. Trailing this lovely bird was my task for the day apparently, and I now have the utmost respect for nature photographers. It is hard work, my friend. Hard work indeed.

With patience, unobtrusiveness, and a little fortuity, you might come away with a real prize. Regardless, there is something to be said for the sheer experience. Always, there is a pleasure awaiting in North Carolina's greenscapes.

The dragonfly darts quizzically by
As I sit in the dappled shade

The Sun overhead winks at the lake
Water shines in fractured light

Rippling under Wind's soft breath
Giants are stirred to a melody
The broadleaf and pin oak leaves dance 
Harried for an undisturbed glimpse

As the great pines bend and sway,

Green canopy at the Lake- photo HP
 a ballet in Nature's reflection.

A blush of warmth bedazzles all
As the light plays hide-go-seek

Schools of tadpoles pivot and turn -
flexing in synchrosity

Creatures of a liquid golden sky
in troupes of choreographed lines

While fish swim cautiously
An egret lengthens its graceful stride

Egret photo HP

Turtles sun on a wooden deck
as the children play nearby

Little hummingbird - beat
a rhythm seek
as clouds stretch ominously overhead

The moss grows hard and the urging grows
The day has quickly fled-


Change - even the most subtle - can bring about beauty we never imagined.
Sometimes we miss an opportunity, and there's always a chance we'll slip and fall.
But at days end, the ride will be worthwhile.


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