Thursday, June 9, 2011


Summer is rushing at us on the gallop, breathing its radiating fire. The mimosas are blooming of fresh melon, magnolia hangs heavily on the breeze, and fireflies are twinkling in the dark.
Ripe fruits - tomatoes, berries, peaches - and flowers in every shade imaginable bedazzle the eye and please the palate.
Cicadas rise in chorus at the blazing sun. Crickets chirp on their nightly quest. Iced tea trickles, filled with light, and pitchers of lemonade cry in silent protest. Evenings are warm, breezy, and satiating -filled with laughter and barbecues, friends and family.
Outdoor candles stand sentinel over summer love.
This is the time of year Thriving itself lazes and leaps. Thunder shakes the veranda and sweet rains churn up loamy soil and sweet clover grass.
This, my friends, is a real NC summer.

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