What Do You Know About Cretan Food?

Local fruit platter and other treats from Crete
Local fruit platter and other treats from Crete
Fall is a time that brings momentous changes, and this year is no exception.
I am in the process of launching very exciting limited engagement culinary and cultural tours to Crete, Greece.
I will be booking reservations in cooperation with PortoClub Travel, based in Heraklion, a division of Paleologos S.A. Shipping and Travel Enterprises.
People have already been asking how I "did" it. (I'm not done by far! Watch out now, I'm just getting started!)
In life, we choose our outcomes much more often than we think.
We can choose to let life happen to us.
Courtesy farconville & FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Courtesy farconville & FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Make life happen for us.
Courtesy Stuart Miles & FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Courtesy Stuart Miles & FreeDigitalPhotos.net

(...And say your prayers because...)
It doesn't always go according to plan!
There can be setbacks, imperfections, and just plain weird stuff to navigate.
But that's life!
Sometimes though, every now and then, after our travails, all we have to do is ask for what we want.
It is not rocket science. There is no special formula.
Spend time analyzing goals.
Work hard.
Work very hard!
Work even harder and smarter!!!
(No physics or calculus required yet? Hm.)
Be nice to people! Meet them. Ask the right questions.
About people. About food.
About the planet.
New beginnings. Photo credit: Hadassah Patterson- All rights reserved
Photo credit: Hadassah Patterson. All rights reserved.
About everything.
Learn responsibility.
Take pride in the stuff one is working so hard on.
Learn some more.
Overcome unbelievable obstacles.
Keep learning always...
Never give up.
It has been a pleasure to share my passion for local, regional, and creatively global food with each of you, and looking back, it is unbeliveable how much I have grown as of yet.
Original post -All rights reserved
Original post -All rights reserved
The journey thus far has been worth more than any endpoint, and I thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to read, share, or support.
I promise I will work just as hard as I always do to make sure you have a great time too, if you decide to travel this leg of the trip with me.
I will be there.

So I ask you:
What do  you know about Greek food?
Now consider what you know about Cretan food?
Here is what I know about delicacies from the Hellenic Isles:
They have been doing fresh, local food since before the U.S. was a country...
(Just saying.)
It is absolutely delicious.
The flavors are unique; even the familiar flavors have a different spin there.
The classes are a lot of fun and very adaptable to all kinds of dietary needs.
The food and culture are worth the trip.
The people are warm, genuine, and welcoming.
The location is beautiful.
The groups will be small, and classes are cozy and informal...

There is more to come soon on specifics.
In the meantime, I leave you with just a few of the pictures from my new friends in Crete, and a brief description of what will be happening...
Courtesy G. Portakalakis
Courtesy G. Portakalakis
ruins in crete
Courtesy G. Portokalakis
sea in crete lookout
Courtesy G. Portokalakis
What Will I Learn?
Your week (7 days/6nights) in Crete will be as much a hands on cooking experience as a cultural one
You will be introduced to the philosophy of local cooking and its traditions
 You will learn about the history of Cretan cuisine and how it was influenced by its occupation for more than 2000 years 
You will learn the inspirations behind the Cretan dishes
The methods employed by local producers...
How to make a variety of Cretan dishes from simple ingredients you can find back home
How very few ingredients can be the basis for 6 or 7 dishes 
How to prepare traditional Cretan dishes that can be adapted to special dietary requirements, but never compromising on flavor
The cooking techniques and methods used to create the dishes
You will enjoy yourselves, make memories, and take home a wealth of new knowledge in a very unique and comfortable traditional village setting.
In the meantime, because I prefer to focus on blog content quality, and not yelling at people, let me know if you would like to receive  periodic email newsletters.
You will be apprised of:
  • Detailed updates on the new website launch and optimal booking arrangements
  • Available tour types (traditional, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free)
  • General information regarding this off-the-beaten tourist path and relaxing destination
Please feel free to tell me more about your circumstances and what you are interested in so I can reply with the right information for you.
Also you may email via my about.me page:
Happy Journeys!
From World on a Table Tours, by Deelish! Foods


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