Back Roads and Bright Skies

Endless blue

stretches to the eye's limit.
Jordan Lake

Warmth shines on every surface.

Friendly breezes

tickle the face tenderly

and wrap around limbs,




freshly mown sweet clover grass,

and 'Secret Gardens'

over boundless carpets of

vivid, lush greens that sway...
Canola fields in NC

All are calling

from the dense, moist soil

for summer's bare feet

and lazy days.

The road stretches on...

Furrowed fields glitter in the sun

studded with sweet warm rubies.

Towering dark giants

of Eastern Red Cedar

stand sentry along quiet roads

guarding lost stories,

full hearts,

and brave lives.

'Queen Anne' bows

in a noble gesture

that bids valiant riders


 and good travels."


Happy Summer
from Deelish!


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