A Night with Family at Geer Street Garden and April Events...

Well don't you just love them!?
Of course you do! That is what family is for!

Given all manner of circumstances: differences and trials, joys and triumphs, family is there for one another.

So this past week as all were participating in their respective observances, most folks have had a chance to spend some quality time of some sort with their families. My family was no exception. After some preliminary research on salads, closing times, and variety, we headed to Geer Street Garden. I suggested them based on positive reviews I have read about them, advertising, and word of mouth.

We were looking for something straightforward, affordable, no-nonsense, and hopefully local. Here I must digress. Several chain restaurants were mentioned, and while they have their place, I have learned too much to spend money on chain food haphazardly. If that is the only option, fine. But if one can eat good quality local food conveniently and inexpensively, then certainly one should if able. 

So on this occasion to Geer Street Garden we went... and I was amazed at how well they handled the crowds. Well-received newer restaurants often have a tremendous wait. We were given a 15-20 minute time frame and they delivered before the time was up. Our gussied-up feet thanked you!

We were not disappointed. I started with a Sangria. I have not had a really good Sangria since visiting a tiny, ( and I mean TINY!) Peruvian restaurant in New York. One could stretch and touch both walls if for some reason the urge came on, but the Sangria was absolutely unbelievable!

So, not having had a great Sangria experience since, I was not really expecting much. It was just an aperitif idea really; a nice drink to have before the appetizer arrived. There was a tremendous amount of ice in the glass, maybe a bit too much. Since I was coming to eat, it was no biggie. But the flavor was bold with very spicy notes that gave a pleasant surprise. If a flavor came to mind, it was almost like a mulling spice, but more subtle. Nice.

Buffalo wings came next. We asked for extra napkins and extra dressing. GF alert! ***Both the ranch and the bleu cheese were gluten-free*** Any gluten-free dressings is a plus. However, I do believe I may have licked some fingertips on that one. The main entrees came so soon, there were a few wings left. This is a good thing. Nothing better than delicious leftovers! So as for the main dishes themselves:

 Fish Taco

I was very impressed that the tacos were white corn. Mexican and Latino style-food has a tendency to be fairly well received. Pico de gallo, crema, salsa verde, and slaw accompanied this. The slaw is not "coleslaw" in the Southen sense, but mainly for texture. Great idea for a fish taco and more nourishing than plain 'ole lettuce. The seasoning on the flounder was a mild ground chili style. If more heat is desired, it can be added, (jalapeno pictured, yes?). Also... kudos on the crema! Not sour cream. Crema is a different experience entirely. Yes.

 Next is the dearly departed Reuben sandwich. I say this because it was gone before anyone knew it! The portions are just right at Geer Street Garden...not too much, and not undercutting the menu. The serving estimates are about right for the average diner.This was more about creamy melting than a careless pileup of supertart sauerkraut. Sauerkraut can be overdone on a Reuben. It is great, but not if it completely overshadows the actual sandwich. Better to find more creative ways of using surplus than overload a few people.

Ahh... and now the capacious Cobb Salad. On arrival; I was a bit nonplussed at the salad  There was so much green! I love green, but yes I was hungry. Meat, cheese, avocado and all were definitely in there. The dressing was mixed well throughout also. I was expecting a hard-working, traditional, bleu collar salad and got one. Very nice.

We took a few pics after the meal. There were smiles all around...

There are a ton of local happenings in the area this month!
Here are just two to keep in mind...

April 15th will be the Carolina Pork Experiment at Motorco in Durham from 12-3pm!
This will be a great chance for locals of all shapes and sizes to pull out their favorite pork recipes, both sweet and savory. Or you know, just eat! Check out their website or the Durham Foodie site for more info. Spreading the delicious word here....:)

April 28th will be the Triangle Food Bloggers Bake Sale... more info to come, but save the date and time Saturday  from 10 am till 12 noon! We're hatching up some tasty treats to help combat child hunger!  It will also be great to get together with my favorite Triangle Foodie folks. See ya there!

Happy Eating!
from Deelish!


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