Spring Rain

As all are aware, the seasons have molted early this year.
Having shed winter coats and exchanged barren trees for the ground's ripe produce, there is a new charge in the air. Please enjoy a little poem while I cook up the next adventure....

Spring Rain

Every droplet glistens

On every tensile and verdant blade of grass

The light winks back in toto

from every single bud.

The tender breeze blows

a swirling and fresh breath of cool

to chase the warm and humid air

from the sudden spring rain.

One sits and ponders

the beauty of it all,

after such dark and hissing clouds.

The steaming storm has passed,

and in its wake

Earth yawns, expands, and smiles...

as the sun, in its everlasting strength,

paints in the finest spun gold & stripes its deep and rich colors

wherever it thinks best...

Proud, glorious, and pure... after the spring rain.

Hadassah P.


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