Last call for figs!

One of my favorite summer fruits is still available at farmers markets.... for now...
I can eat them anyway you slice it, but my favorite so far has been....rinsed....
It really doesn't take much! So I haven't tried to 'tamper' with the flavor by adding it to things.

Nevertheless, here is another favorite way!
Stopping by the Western Wake Market briefly a few weeks ago, I chatted with Laurel from Hillsborough Cheese Company. I was looking for a cheese good with figs and asked her recommendation.

She pulled out the chevre, and told me she'd been eating it with a balsamic reduction on bread for the last week! It was that good! Okay, I'd heard of this sometime before, but hadn't tried it.

Well no kidding, it was that good. The chevre was nice, soft, and mild.
I was glad not to have chosen a stronger cheese.
I tried it with a fig balsamic reduction, because that is what I had in the kitchen. It was "figgy" heaven!

Of course it was even better on homemade Italian bread, (with some whole wheat flour), and thick cut bacon.
It was pretty simple:

1/2 cup fig balsamic vinegar reduced to syrupy consistency in a saute pan on medium for about 5-7 minutes.

Slice your figs open, pull off a hunk of bread, spread some softened chevre on it, fry or bake some bacon and add whatever else you want... pour the balsamic over... yummmm!
I may even consider a few chopped chives on the chevre next time....
Happy Last of Summer!
From Deelish!


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