Stepping off the Edge

There are times in everyone's life when we must take chances. Its nothing new. Life - essentially - is a huge, (hopefully well-lived!) learning experience!  Even the smallest choice we make today can have a lasting impact.

Then there are the whoppers! Relationships, jobs, etc.:

 Shall I, shan't I? What should I do?
 What if I try and fail? What if I look like a big blundering idiot? What if nobody likes me? What if I lose everything? What if a meteorite were to land right on top of you? What if the sky really did start to fall? Upside down? What if a giant tortoise suddenly turned vicious while you were off the coast of the Galapagos Islands and ate your big toe? (Joke! it takes them hours to mate- they don't move too fast)...

I think the point is made?

Anything in life can carry some risk. In an economy like ours, it can be financial suicide to make a career change.
It could be the absolute best decision you EVER made! Yes, there's alot of variables. Okay TONS of variables. But still... what if you really were born to cook, or sew, or farm, or fill-in-the-blank? What if you're stuck in a rut or a box that will only change by getting smaller and more constrictive? What if you DON'T take the risk, and end up in the worst possible shape imaginable, because you never became your real "you"? What if you never challenged yourself? What if somehow, someway, years down the road, you see the person you could have been - but never really tried to be and its TOO LATE to change? What then?


Personally, I'd try it anyway, even at age 90... if I still had my legs...Teeth might be optional at that point. But you get my drift! Life can bring the most beautiful mountain peaks and unflappably gorgeous, vibrant sunsets. It can introduce us to true, invaluable human beings. Yet, it may occasionally herald pain and heartache. How much it brings is more up to us than we think. Would we rather suffer the growing pains of being true to ourselves and have the joy of knowing that we are exactly where we belong, doing precisely what we should be at that moment?...Even if it means we must step off the edge without a net or a parachute? Trusting? With Faith? Or.....

"Cooking" at 18mos... thats my Enfamil on the bottom shelf ;)
Its been totally worth it!

Happy Living!
from Deelish!


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